Area attractions include:
Grand Rapids - See why it was selected as the 49th best small town in America.
Minnesota Discovery Center - Learn about Minnesota's mining and immigration history within the famous Iron Range.
Hull Rust Mahoning Mine -View the biggest operating open pit iron ore mine in the world, more than three miles long, two miles wide and 535 feet deep.
Hockey Hall of Fame -Experience the thrilling game action and achievements via displays, exhibits and more.
Forest History Center - Visit the camp with costumed characters portraying blacksmiths, saw filers, clerks, cooks, lumberjacks, and rangers.
Blandin Paper Mill - Learn the process of papermaking from cutting down the tree to coating and cutting.
Lost Forty - The area contains 28 acres of red pine forest and 18 acres of spruce-fir forest. The virgin old-growth red pine forest is the largest and oldest stand in the Blackduck Forestry Area. White pine over 300 years old can be found on the site.
Children's Discovery Museum - A place for children to discover and learn. Features hands-on exhibits.
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Fun Fact: Minnesota is the origin of the Mississippi River. Largest river in the U.S.